For anyone who wants to apply for health science library jobs – often has a couple listed here and there. Currently there are positions listed in Tampa at a VA hospital for a Medical Science Librarian ( and at the CDC as a Supervisory Librarian (it lists 1 year experience directly related to health science or research library experience, but they DID just extend the deadline so you never know (

If you aren’t ready to apply now, you may want to consider starting to put in all of your info and whatnot to get prepared for later. It’s way more time consuming than you’d think.


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  1. Thanks for the post! I have been watching ala’s job list too. Also, some helpful info that I found was through Dr. MacCall’s twitter followers/followees. I found “Hiring Librarians” and they have great information on what managers look for in library interviews and what stands out to them.
    In fact, when one of the managers was asked which library school gave students an edge in the hiring world, they named Alabama as one of the top programs! Can I get a roll tide?
    Here’s the link:

    • Thanks for that! If you are seriously in the job market, this libguide has links to a lot of the good library job sites
      INALJ is a good one,,…lots more. that blog has a state-by-state listing as well as a “Mailing Lists and RSS Feeds” tab where you can look at some other options (even if you don’t sign up for the mailing lists you can get to a lot of sites that aren’t broken down by state). It also has a lot of info on resume building, cover letters, interviewing, etc.

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