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I’m hoping some of you have actually started participating in the medical librarianship learning part of this class, because I feel like I’m still in the preparation stage. I’ve found several sources, but they haven’t gotten much more than a cursory glance. I love to find lists of links that other people have put together…

This presentation goes through the basics of blogs and the different types of blogs that might be of interest to medical librarians:


In brief, Rothman lists 5 types of blogs that may be of interest (seeing this helped me think of new ways to search for blogs):

1. By library staff, for library staff
2. By library staff, for patrons
3. By professional associations for members
4. By medical libraryfolk, for medical libraryfolk
5. By medical libraryfolk for laypeople


I attempted to find several of the blogs he listed in the presentation, and a couple searches led me to other sources as well, so here are a few that looked good to me:


News and Information from the Taubman Health Sciences Library

This blog was a little intimidating to me on site (there’s a lot going on) but after poking around for a minute or two it seems straight forward and navigable and the posts are very readable. One of my favorite things is the “Hashtag of the Week” category, but the latest entry was March 21, 2014 so I’m trying not to get too attached. The blogroll is a list to many other sites and blogs – it’s an endless web out there – with some interesting choices like
(the latter boasts “News for and about the Health 2.0 Community” – that anxiety didn’t ease up after browsing, but the News and Updates section was a good way to at least glance over some tech-heavy advancements)


Dean Giustini’s Blog

Giustini is the biomedical librarian at the University of British Columbia’s Biomedical Branch Library. I don’t like the layout here but there is some interesting info. You can also follow Giustini on twitter, which I think would be a better option for me (the blog has no organization – it’s just blobbed out on the screen…just like mine).


The Krafty Librarian
This is a blog that I posted about before – some of the articles are good but the comments all seem to be ads for other people’s stuff.


National Network of Libraries and Medicine
I like this one! You can easily search and navigate, and there is a ton of info that is easy on the eyes.


There are also suggestions for where to go to look for more blogs (! seriously, it’s infinite):

Sad to see that both LibWorm and MedWorm are no longer kept up, they looked pretty great for librarian use.



5 thoughts on “Access to Several Blogs

  1. Reblogged this on rrparker2 and commented:
    Thanks, Kelly! I’ve been trying to add a couple blogs to my feedly account after I added everyone from SLIS. I’ve had some trouble with links that were no longer good, or blogs that posted way to much! I like a nice balance. So thanks for this list and the presentation. I’m gonna look through these blogs. 🙂

  2. Oh, Kelly. That post and those slides are *7 years old*

    And ugly.

    [Hangs head in shame]

    [Looks up long enough to wave to MacCall, exits]

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