Security of medical information in the cloud…

This blog entry just briefly discusses the potential issues associated with cloud storage/cloud use and sensitive information…The benefits of shared information are obvious, but I’m wondering how secure that information is. Several articles and blogs have discussed the possibility of security breaches, and we have seen how “secure” information can sometimes be accessed. Is it realistic to assume our medical information is safe? Should patients be asked to sign off on their information entering the cloud before that information is shared?


3 thoughts on “Security of medical information in the cloud…

    • Very true, and just as a medical facility should have pick-proof locks they should treat their information the same way. Medical Provider that are in independent are usually the biggest risk, and have helped some secure there items. In previous years it was a green/ orange screen and its main use was medical records, As part of the next version of HIPPA the fine structure should increase, as the fines currently start at $100/ $1000. It all goes to the question. How much is your data worth?

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