Health Insurance Literacy Webinar (free!)

This webinar, advertised through NN/LM, is a free look at Health Insurance Literacy. We haven’t talked about health insurance, but I imagine it is something that we should be comfortable with. I don’t know how often medical librarians are asked to help explain health insurance or to contribute to health insurance literacy, but why wouldn’t we be asked? It’s certainly one of the more confusing and frustrating aspects of the medical field.

The seminar is tomorrow at 4pm eastern. I won’t be able to make it, but would love to hear about it if anyone else is able to attend.


2 thoughts on “Health Insurance Literacy Webinar (free!)

  1. I agree that Health Insurance is a big topic that we should be familiar as well as somewhat comfortable with in the medical field. Thanks for informing us about the seminar…even though I missed it and wouldn’t have been able to go anyway! 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t mind going to some of the webinars, particularly if I work in the medical field. I have just been to overwhelmed while in school. I am sure they will be great to keep me learning once I graduate. Also, since I will be done with school, I signed up for the free MOOC: Copyright for Educators & Librarians : Copyright is something that is definitely good to learn about. I am particularly interested in copyright and sharing of digital resources. Hopefully there will be some information.

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