MEDLIB-L: frustrations are mounting.

Is anyone else having problems with the MEDLIB-L archives site? For some reason it has taken me an inordinate amount of time to find the archives, but know that I’m there:

No matter what search I try I get a very long wait time and then a “503 Service Unavailable” message. I have tried about 2.7 million different approaches, on different days, at different times. I have yet to have anything returned from a search. I’ve tried searching for the exact title of a message, both broad and narrow search terms, etc. 

What is happening?!??!


5 thoughts on “MEDLIB-L: frustrations are mounting.

  1. Well this is interesting. I borrowed someone’s PC and it worked just fine using Chrome (I’ve been using Safari on a Mac). I performed the same exact search on my Mac using Chrome and got different results (my return said there were to many returns, that I needed to narrow the search. The PC returned 16.) If you are interested, I searched “diabetes AND youth”…
    Have you seen the movie “Powder”? I’m that person – my mere presence makes electronics malfunction.

  2. I haven’t been using the archives, Kelly. I just subscribe to my email and am going to try to find 2 questions from that. HOPEFULLY!! Not successful yet though either in finding a clinical type of question for MESH. About to search again now…I don’t know that this reply helped though.

  3. I think I am good now…it was frustrating from the get-go, what with the inability to even FIND the archives page, but I have enjoyed it since then. That and realizing that some combination of MEDLIB-L, Macs, and Safari is toxic. Few issues now that I am using chrome… sad I didn’t think of it earlier.

  4. I was using Chrome to find mine and it was having loading issues, I think that maybe the server had been overloaded, because it worked fine later.

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